Seth Perkins is a product lead and technologist complemented by extensive sales, marketing, and business development experience and an education including an MBA and undergrad in Computer Science. Currently based in Seattle, Washington, his passion is finding great ideas, and getting them off the ground collaborating with a close-knit, cross-functional team. His particular areas of interest include B2C mobile/web, gaming, multimedia and causes to benefit society.


A track-record of success building product and technology strategies for the first million in revenue. 


A focus on simplicity, scalability, and best-practices providing a groundwork for innovation.  


A focus on the crucial cultural changes to enable continuous integration, continuous delivery, and continuous operation.

Team Building

Driving the success of the team through recruitment, delegation, constructive feedback, empowerment, communication, and trust. 

Product Management

History of creating market-driven solutions and championing their implementation across functions focused on time, budget, and MVP.

Business Development

History of building turnkey solutions and distribution channels leveraging vertical partnerships and being the account rep closing the initial sales to jumpstart revenue .



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  • …one of those individuals who can balance technical excellence with a strong understanding of business context.

    Laura Trumbull via LinkedIn


Seth has complimentary loves of world cultures and poetry. is his YouTube channel. Its mission is to disseminate the study of humanity through the exploration of classical and contemporary poetry and prose. Pieces include works from masters, world leaders and emerging artists.

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Seth finds lively interest in weird things. He has an admitted obsession with alleyways, utility lines, and streetlights. He will often stop in his tracks to double back and examine an obscure object or photograph a set of orange trees because the oranges look like lanterns amid a nighttime landscape. Seth has been an active member of several photography clubs between NYC and Philadelphia.

I Hate Zombies

IH8Zombies ("I Hate Zombies") is a game designed by Seth.  It mashes elements of survival-horror with elements of Looney Tunes and Afro Samurai.  The game has been through several rounds of design and cross-platform technology demoes.


Seth is a consummate student of music history, theory, and performance. His primary instrument was originally percussion with emphasis on the timpani, but migrated to the piano. Seth has love of many genres but particular interest in classical, blues, jazz, hiphop, Native American flute, and various world chant styles.

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