July 31, 2008 Seth Perkins

Greenscreen, After Effects, Creative Cow

My spare time is often spent working on multimedia : photography, video, and composite.  This past weekend was all three.

I am a major fan of Adobe’s line of products, especially Photoshop and After Effects.  The best tutorials out there on the subjects come from Video Copilot.net and Creative Cow (which has an excellent After Effects podcast).  Recently, I was watching episodes on color key and that got me into this need to experiment with green a screen I bought off ebay a while ago.  My brother and I decided to do something fun with our hands.  Make them run around a la “Thing” in the Adam’s Family.  In ensuing “hey wouldn’t it be cool if” discussions, we came up with a brief script and storyboard for a “PSA” which we hope to wrap up shortly.  We spent most of the weekend testing our technical ideas and getting the green screen material shot.

In the rig above, we’re using our Canon XL2 and Kino Diva kit.  The nasty green sock on Adam’s arm came from the neighborhood discount retailer.  To pull the key, we’re using the KeyLight filter with CS3.  Adam is on top of the kitchen island which gave us some decent height to work within.

If you’re looking for a great tutorial, I think Andrew Kramer’s is one of the best on KeyLight.

Hopefully, next week, I’ll have a complete clip to post.



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