July 14, 2008 Seth Perkins

iPhone 2.0 Software Update

Two days ago, I made the big update to the 2.0 version of the iPhone software.  First impression: it’s all about the new apps, and there is some exciting stuff available!  Second impression: stability is a bit of an issue – hopefully not for long.

After I made the jump to 2.0, I immediately went to the “App Store” looking mostly at the free stuff, but also at some of the commercial software.  I have to tell you, I was impressed by the sheer number of apps already available for the platform.  I started out with the PhoneSaber app which, I have to admit, is a bit geeky, but nevertheless, it IS cool to push a button and suddenly every moment of your phone emits the sound of a light saber a la Star Wars.  I also downloaded Shazam.  (You ever have that time when you’re listening to the radio and can’t think of the name of the song?  Well, Shazam will listen and figure out the name for you.)  Downloaded an app called Graffito (very cool).  It will triangulate your location and then allow you to create a virtual “wall” of sorts for that location whereon you can write whatever you want.  Somebody else, with an iPhone comes to that location and they can see your words of wisdom.  (pretty cool).  There some neat games using the built in accelerometer including “cube runner”.  Graphics are basic in the game; nevertheless, it’s amazing to find

fine control of the motion of an “aircraft” just tilting the phone ever-so-slightly.


— Since I originally wrote this blog, I did do a “restore” with iTunes on my iPhone.  This turns all settings back to their factory defaults.  I then restored my info from an iTunes backup and began uninstalling all my apps.  I found out the reinstalling them was all I needed to get them back up and working stably.


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