September 25, 2008 Seth Perkins

Amsterdam – Pancakes, Flower Market, etc

I’m way behind in getting my Amsterdam material on this site.   I have a lot of photos still waiting to be put up.

Well, on my last day at Amsterdam, I took a few hours before my plane to go to the flower market and pick up some gifts.  Before shopping, though, I stopped at a place to get something to eat.  I was running on empty.  Holland is known for its pancakes.  The texture is halfway between an American pancake and a crepe.  The one I ordered folded in slices of banana.  That’s chocolate sauce covering it and powerdered sugar.  Combining this sugar hit with the very small but very strong coffee next to the plate: I was ramped up to the point where I needed water to dilute my blood a bit.  (Breakfast was extremely good).

After breakfast, bought some tulip bulbs, postcards, and a plush, stuffed heifer for my friends’ newborn son.  Also went crazy with my camera during those last few hours.  Will have more photos shortly.

Amsterdam pancakes

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