September 14, 2008 Seth Perkins

IBC – Day 2 – Entry 1 – Cafe Alto

Last year, my friend Alex and I were introduced to the Cafe Alto by a friend of his living in Amsterdam.  This year, Alex wasn’t able to attend the show, so I went solo to the cafe.  If you go to Amsterdam, and you have a penchant for jazz, go to Alto.  Here’s the address:

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 115
1017 PX Amsterdam

020 6263249

This night, it was a quartet that started out as a trio (drummer was running late from a previous gig).  The group was tight.  That means just about everything in and of itself, the group has to be in tune with each other.  The energy was high, especially when the drummer / band leader finally made it to the show.  Mostly Miles with some Herbie Hancock.  Cool. Cool. Cool.  

As far as names, all I remember is the bass was named Brian and he sounded like a fellow American.  The trumpet’s name was Eduardo and he had just flown in from Barcelona.  

Unfortunately, I can’t remember either of the pianists names (switched off sets) or the drummer, but man: it was a constant duel for who’s solo would trump the other.  Me?  I’m all about piano.  A good pianist can just do anything.


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