October 10, 2008 Seth Perkins

Wood’s Hole – Kevin Burke and Cal Scott

In my musical tastes, I’ve never gotten into Folk music, let alone fiddle music.  Probably mostly from a lack of exposure.  My brother, on the other hand, has been becoming engrossed in the genre, to the point where he is learning to play fiddle on our great great great great great grandfather’s instrument.

Adam’s fiddle hero is an Irishman named Kevin Burke who now resides in Oregon.  Adam found out a few weeks ago that Kevin Burke would be performing not too far away in the town of Wood’s Hole in Massachusetts.  When we arrived at the community hall Sunday evening past, an hour before opening, we were the only ones there.  It remained this way until about 15 minutes until showtime.  Soon after, the place was packed.

The venue was perfect.  A community hall of oak and pine built ca 1879.  Tall ceilings and wonderful acoustics.  No mics needed.  We were certainly the furthest trekkers to this show; most were local.  

I’m including a link to a youtube video of a previous performance of Kevin Burke with Cal Scott (who also played that evening in Wood’s Hole).  The concert was incredible.  Not only did the music move, but the performers were entertaining between pieces.  It was also educational: not just in experiencing something new in my case, but also in feeling somehow transported to a place I’ve never been.

Wood's Hole, MA, Community Hall


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