November 20, 2008 Seth Perkins

Fires in Los Angeles

I was a bit surprised by the Montecito fires only to find out shortly thereafter that Los Angeles County had fires of its own to deal with.

I was no where near the flames, but, like most people around me, it was the topic of discussion and the reason the TV was on.  I wasn’t effected but I know people who were.  (No doubt some of you reading this fall in that category in which case I hope things turned out all right in the end.)

I’m on travel in Minneapolis right now, however, here are a few quick shots I was able to cobble together remotely.

It got dark a little early with the smoke blocking out the setting sun.  Two shots were taken Saturday ca. sunset while the other shot was taken Sunday morning on the main drag in Marina Del Rey. 

Marina Del Rey during Los Angeles Fires,


 Sun Reflection in Side View - Marina Del Rey -


Couple walks in Marina Del Rey Ash -





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