November 14, 2008 Seth Perkins

Tesla Motors

All right.  As long as I’m on the automotive kick, I’ll make one more quick entry.  I’m traveling right now and was on the road in Century City in Los Angeles.  I saw my first Tesla Motors dealership!  Ok. . .   I am not a gearhead by any means.  Yeah, my last entry was about BMW and believe me, since I read case studies on them in school, I have huge admiration for that company and their vehicles, however, if (big IF) I ever were to spend serious money on a vehicle (and I don’t see myself doing that any time soon as I have other priorities) I would invest in a Tesla machine…  Here’s a link to Tesla Motors’ website :  Basically, they’re a Silcon Valley group taking on Detroit with an all electric car that out performs a Porsche.  Pricey, sure, but they have ambitions to market a 4 door family sedan.  Really really cool company.  As a geek (again, not a gearhead), I can’t help but be blown away.


Tesla Motors Roadster - - Image by Tesla Motors


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