December 24, 2008 Seth Perkins

If Computers Can Read Brains, Plug Me In!

My friend, Danielle, pointed me to an article on neatorama discussing initial reports that a lab in Japan has managed to roughly display images from the human brain onto a digital screen.  There is also a brief yahoo article here.  All I can say is, if computers can read brains and put it onto a screen, plug me in!  Of course, we got into the discussion of less-than-ethical applications this technology could have (big brother not being the least), but, of course, what I’m excited about it turning my imagination and dreams into another device to capture raw material from for video edit!  Could you believe?!  What if you could edit your daydreams into a movie?!  wooooo…

This is all still sci-fi for the immediate future.  I am a believer that the digital networking of the human mind, akin to Ghost in the Shell, is an eventuality in our evolution, however, we’re still a long way off.  Meanwhile, I suppose pen, paper, wacom tablets, and laptops will have to suffice to bring dreams to reality.



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