February 20, 2009 Seth Perkins

Change in the sand

There was a time when I feared change, but somewhere between then and the present, something induced me to crave it.  The question as to what caused that reversal is not of my concern and better left to students of the psyche.  What does matter to me are the ramifications of change and the progression of experience.  A few years ago, I had never even been to the west coast.  I was 24 before I left Eastern Standard Time on my way to France.  There was a time when I would only order the same foods, go to the same restaurants, listen to the same music.  Maybe it wasn’t all fear of change, but maybe I just didn’t need it.

As I write this entry, I’m actually using my sketchbook and sitting on the sand at Marina Del Rey in Los Angeles.  I decided to take the day off and enjoy some time in LA.  This experience feels so different to me: the sounds, the people, suntime and “warmth” in winter. Everything about me feels like change.  Everyone around me feels like change.  The times of the world feel like change: for good or ill.  Sometimes, I wonder where it is all going. 


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