February 5, 2009 Seth Perkins


I definitely would not consider this a review, so much as : I need to get back in the flow of building content on a website:)  I’ve been very busy wtih my company’s website and it’s just drained my ability to sit down and work on my own pages.  However, I’ve got to get back in the flow.

Tonight, my brother brought over Darkon.  We saw a clip from it almost a year ago and Adam finally grabbed a DVD.  “Darkon” is a real-life role-playing game going in the Baltimore / DC area (see http://www.darkon.org/) since 1985.  The film documents the events and people surrounding a chapter in the “civilization’s” history when an alliance of rebel nations attempts to break the power of an empire.  However, the film goes way beyond events and investigates the motivations of the actual people behind the masks and armor, comparing and contrasting their “real” lives with their “Darkon” lives.

I have to admit, the premise of this whole film at first struck me as laughable.  Just seeing these people and hearing the speeches on the field made me cringe, but as the film progressed, I found myself understanding why these people need this other reality.  In fact, I began to see how I, and everybody else, may not be any different.  There’s a particularly poignant moment when a player compares his playing a character in a game to his weekday role : playing a manager at a Hot Topic, trying to get people to buy his clothes.  

If you have the time and an open mind, Darkon is worth it.

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