March 4, 2009 Seth Perkins

Lawrence of Arabia

I know this is going to make me sound like a complete uncultured boob, but until two weeks ago, I had never seen Lawrence of Arabia.  Maybe you are in the same boat?  No?  Well, I like to believe there are other people out there who haven’t seen this classic (because, among other reasons, if everyone else has seen it but me, than this entry is fairly pointless).  So, assuming there is someone reading this who, like me, has never seen the film: this is for you.

See it!

I don’t know what compulsed me to put the film on my NetFlix queue, but I’m glad I did.  I watched it as I was flying to LA two weeks ago and it just made 4 hours sail by.  

Lawrence of Arabia is based upon the writings and life of an actual historical figure, T.E. Lawrence, and his struggle to unify the feuding tribes of Arabia in order to fight off the Turkish invaders of World War I and thereby liberate the land and people he has come to love.  The film traces his campaign in concert with his 

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