May 1, 2009 Seth Perkins

Unico and the Island of Magic

{youtubejw}ulLK-vdOrOM{/youtubejw}  This is very possibly going to be the lamest entry I’ve ever made.
Anyone ever see an anime called Unico and the Island of Magic while growing up?  Anyone?  Well, I was probably 7 when I first saw this on the Disney Channel.  My brother and I were nuts about it.  We recorded it on the VCR and watched it I don’t know how many times.  It’s about this little unicorn (yeah, I know, I’m making a sissy of myself) named Unico and his adventures surrounding a mysterious magician’s apprentice, his estranged family, and a psychotic marionette-become-wizard.  Ok ok ok…  So, if this doesn’t grab you enough, let me put in that this movie used to scare the bujeebas out of my brother and me because the psychotic marionette was on a vendatta against humanity turning people into “living puppets” to be stonework in his castle in a place called (get this) NIGHTMARE ISLAND!  
Yeah.  Seriously!
It scared us half to death!
Now do you understand why puppets freak me out?
I’ve embedded a link to YouTube where someone was cool (and also foolish) enough to post the movie, in its entirety, in 10 parts.  I’m embedding a link to the 2nd part which introduces Toby, the magician/apprentice and my favorite character.

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