March 26, 2010 Seth Perkins

Day of the Mac #1

So… to finish this project I’ve spent the past several months programming, I need a mac with Xcode…  For those of you who don’t know me, I have railed against macs.  They’re overpriced, they don’t give you the low-level access I enjoy, they tend to have this “holier than thou” aura about their promotions…  I can’t stand it when people talk about only serious content creators use Mac.  Okay, in the day of Myst, Apple was the way to go, but that was 1992 when graphics cards were limited.  Today, you get wayyyy more bang for your buck on a PC.  Nevertheless, yesterday, ca 10 AM, I found myself in an Apple store.

An hour later, as I walked to my apartment with a MacBook box under arm, I felt dirty.  I felt like all these people were looking at me, and I wanted to turn to them say, “Hey, I’m not a Mac person” (with a nervous laugh).  “I just had to get one of these things so I could use this piece of software which only runs on Mac.”

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