March 28, 2010 Seth Perkins

Day of the Mac #2 – 3 (aka “The Other Woman” )

It’ a Saturday night.  Cold outside.  I’m indoors.  Fireplace is lit.  Made a nice dinner.  Now I’m relaxing in a comfy chair : me and my Mac.  Oo yeah.


WHAT?!?!  No no no no no no.


<ahem>.  Yeah, it’s true.  Albeit, my girlfriend is making cookies, and dinner was for us… not the MacBook sitting in my lap, but still, I think my Mac would’ve enjoyed it.

This is not meant to be a pitch for Apple in any way, but development the past two days has been incredible!  A huge part of that is the new software I’m running, the other part, though, is working on this laptop is just simple.  When I logged into my network, it actually found my NAS and mounted it!  It mounts my NTFS USB drive : no problem.  Haven’t had to tweak any settings, load any drivers, add any plugins.

Ok, but don’t take that as “Seth’s given up PC”.  NOT IN A LONGSHOT!  I’ve just come to acknowledge some of the benefits of Mac.  :)  (for now).  Haven’t had to mess with a Windows -> Mac workflow yet (as my copy of Adobe CS4 Production is Windows licensed), but I’ll bridge that sometime soon.

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