April 9, 2010 Seth Perkins

Best Concert Ever

I’ve been to a lot of concerts, but tonight’s performance of Igor Stravinsky’s The Rite of Spring was my favorite.  I’ve seen rock bands, jazz and blues, country, choral, and lots of orchestral…  This was my favorite.  I have never seen a group so tight.  Yeah, I know, maybe I just haven’t seen the right groups, but among concerts by the BBC Orchestra, NY Orchestra, and some of my favorite Jazz artists, this was just tight.  It’s not too often  I’m enthralled throughout a concert.  Usually, when I go to a jazz performance, I’ll be on for most of the set but off for a few parts, but this: I was there, in the groove throughout.


I read an article a while ago from the New York Times saying that Kimmell Hall still doesn’t compare to Carnegie.  Maybe it was something about seat E 110, but it was perfect.  I felt and heard everything.  The Philadelphia Orchestra was the best concert ever.  It was all that I love in music : programmatic imagery coupled with that primal drive that universally connects us all.  Hearing that performance was like listening to all these melodic performers go back to the basic root instrument : percussion.  I found myself smiling ear to ear with this madness as the stacked chords pounded.


I could hear one of my favorite composers, Jerry Goldsmith, in there, and all the other voices which followed Stravinsky.  Such an innovator.  Such a visionary.  Such a man following the progression of man and bringing light to where the path may yet travel.  All this and more was revealed by the confident hands, hearts, and mouths of the Philadelphia Orchestra.  Thank you so much for sharing it with us.

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