August 30, 2011 Seth Perkins

IH8Zombies – Afro Samurai, Evil Dead, and The Maxx had a Baby – –

Resident Evil (video game)

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– – and asked me to teach it to walk, talk, carry a six-shooter, and be an all-around bad@ss.

IH8Zombies is a comedic take on survival-horror that has been my pleasureful pain for almost two years. The game originally occurred to me when I was doodling with my Wacom tablet and started creating various panels of a Resident Evil 1-esque game utilizing hand-drawn elements and stick figures. It was a few months later, while be driven to an airport, and listening to Infected Mushroom‘s Heavyweaight, that something clicked in my brain and I suddenly became obsessed with a vision of a cute hero carrying a six-shooter.

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