December 27, 2011 Seth Perkins

About the Author

My name is Seth Hunter Perkins. I am a photographer/engineer/manager/filmmaker/game designer/husband/brother/son/father/adventurer/cuisine-loving/aspiring “Chopped Champion”/pianist/percussionist/music lover/philosopher/astronomer/Free Mason/poet-human and this blog is intended to cover all these interests and more. I’m tired of being asked “What do you do?” and having to give some concise elevator-pitch response to try and sell myself, my services and my value.  We have gotten much too focused on “being” some specific title/talent/skill for the sake of being more effective and valuable service providers in a global economy.  We are losing focus on being ourselves. I am a renaissance man who is tired of being told that successful blogs have to be about a specific interest.  Too bad.  I don’t have a specific interest. My “day job” title is “Head of Engineering and Operations”  at Chaikin Analytics, LLC, a startup in Philadelphia. I enjoy game design & development using the Unity3D platform. I study classical and blues piano. I carry a Nikon D800E. I memorize poetry.  My favorites includes “Childe Roland to the Darktower Came” by Robert Browning and “The Hollow Men” by T.S. Eliot. I love languages, particularly Japanese. My areas of technical interest include Game Development, Databases, AI, Linux, Virtualization, Puppet, Vagrant,  Multimedia Post-processing, and Networking. I am a huge fan of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects. I have an MBA from the Rochester Institute of Technology and a Bachelor in Computer Science. I atteneded the Cannes Festival as a student with Kodak.  I hope to go back.

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