February 2, 2013 Seth Perkins

In the House of Silent Voices

by Seth Hunter Perkins

In the House of Silent Voices,
    Dust has settled on the floor
    Obscuring all footprints but mine.
The living room photographs of our youth’s ambition
    distorted by the ravages of neglect :
    That which is unseen does not shine.

The Dining Room table is set
    its last meal untouched where it was left
    and the centerpiece token
    unrevealed, undisclosed, unspoken,
    Lies untouched, nevertheless broken.

The Bedroom heart which once dreamed,
    in eyes captured in reflections between:
        Torn asunder,
            with lightning and thunder,
                the gaping wound healing never
                condemning to dust.

                While the Silent Voices in the basement speak
                ever assuring,
                never relenting.


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