By day, Seth is the manager of API development for Chaikin Stock Research, a startup in Philadelphia focused on bringing meaningful, actionable intelligence to individual stock investors through various communication channels including mobile devices, web, and email. By night, Seth enjoys game design/development using the Unity3D platform. His areas of technical interest include Game Development, AI, Linux, Virtualization, Multimedia Post-processing, and Networking.

Prior to his employment with Chaikin Stock Research, Seth was the Director of Sales and Marketing for KenCast, Inc, a telecom software provider in Stamford, CT. While at KenCast, he championed a new product line and with it, closed the largest sale in the company’s 17 year history as well as established a new direct end-to-end sales channel.

Seth attended the Rochester Institute of Technology where he graduated cum laude an MBA concentrating in Management and Leadership combined with graduate studies in Film and Animation. He attended Alfred University for his undergrad, graduating cum laude with a Bachelor in Computer Science with studies in Music and OpenGL.

In his free time, Seth enjoys multiple forms of creativity including photography, piano, and recently : cooking. He is an avid appreciator of cinema and the arts at large.  He lives in Bryn Mawr, PA with his wife, Kathryn, their two cats Squidget and Sake, a dog named Cider, and his brother Adam, who is crashing on a couch.

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