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– – and asked me to teach it to walk, talk, carry a six-shooter, and be an all-around bad@ss.

IH8Zombies is a comedic take on survival-horror that has been my pleasureful pain for almost two years. The game originally occurred to me when I was doodling with my Wacom tablet and started creating various panels of a Resident Evil 1-esque game utilizing hand-drawn elements and stick figures. It was a few months later, while be driven to an airport, and listening to Infected Mushroom‘s Heavyweaight, that something clicked in my brain and I suddenly became obsessed with a vision of a cute hero carrying a six-shooter.

Stick Figure Survival Horror Game

Stick Figure Survival Horror - SethPerkins.com

A rather glorious weekend is coming to a close.  As I write, it’s about 10:30 at night and I’ll be turning in shortly.  Snowed hard Friday.  Therefore, the neighborhood has been rather quiet.  Skies mostly overcast and with the snow, the outside is basically tones of black and white.  Maybe that’s partially responsible for the content of this article.:)

I spent a few hours Sunday playing a game call Obscure for the PS2.  My brother gave it to me last Christmas (along with a significant stack of other games which I did play much sooner).  This one, ended up on the bottom of the pile and I never got to it.  Anyway, sometime I’ll do a writeup on the game.  I will say here that I have been rather impressed!  It’s more or less a survival horror in the tradition of Resident Evil and Silent Hill but with some interesting twists.

Well, another thing I played with this weekend was my Wacom tablet.  I bought it used about two months ago and haven’t really gotten around to getting acquainted with it.  I decided I’d do some doodling this weekend.  Well, you take some grey-tone days, survival horror games, and charcoal / watercolor and you get the drawings below!

I started thinking “Man, it would be cool to make a flash-based game like this”. . .   CS4 has some special links between After Effects and Flash.   Wouldn’t it be cool to build a game like this.  All action.  Simple Simple Simple.  Get some people excited on the web and allow them to contibute their own screens?


Stick Figure Survival Horror - SethPerkins.com

Stick Figure Survival Horror - SethPerkins.com

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