A Future for Adobe Flash

Shakespeare said “I must be cruel to be kind.”  When Hamlet spoke those words he was referring to horrible things he said in order to help someone he loved.  Though not with all the dramatic undertones, I have to tell Adobe, a company I love, ” you need to get your butt in motion.”

NAB 2009

It’s 5 AM at McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas, Friday, April 24th.  I’m en route to LA after spending the past week at the National Association of Broadcasters show.  NAB is the big show in the US where everyone involved in content creation (3D, cameras, mics, capture, etc), post (edit, composite, etc) and distribution (ie my employer: KenCast) get together to attend conferences, training, and of course, exhibit our latest and greatest on the show floor.  I try my best not to discuss my work on this website (if you want to read about KenCast, please visit our homepage), however I will say it was an excellent show for the company.  With the recent downturn in the economy, tradeshows have been taking a major hit, however, even though traffic quantity was down at NAB, we had some of the best quality traffic ever.  

Besides staffing the booth, I did peel myself away to visit other exhibitors, including two of my favorites : Adobe and Autodesk.  Adobe put on several presentations on the future of flash in content delivery to devices (I also attended presentations on the latest incarnation of their multitrack mixer : Audition).  I have been on Production Premium CS3, but at the show, a special 15% discount enticed me to make the jump to CS4:)  So, that should be waiting at my apartment when I get back to CT.  

Autodesk, whether at NAB in Vegas, or the sister show, IBC in Amsterdam, is always my favorite booth to visit.  Last year, the booth was constructed from unpainted plywood, perfect for recycling.  This year, the booth was actually constructed out of the cardboard tubes used to bring in the carpet used by the show.  It was gorgeous.  You can see a hint of it in the wide shot of the hall, below from my iphone, as well as the carvings done in the cardboard wall surrounding the demonstration theatre.  Autodesk always does the best job in demoing their postproduction products.  I’ve been to presentations where they have people from Weta showing color grading on King Kong, editing on trailers, etc.  Their demoreel stops people in their tracks.  I just love to sit their and watch.  Of course, the only Autodesk tool I’ve really touched is Maya, but someday I hope to get my hands on Flame and the other post tools.



SAS Drives

Two weeks ago, one of the SATA drives  in my Render box’s RAID began to go.  Fortunately, I had most

of my material backed up, and what wasn’t was recoverable with a little prodding. I decided, so long as I had to replace a drive, why not step up the I/O?  On ebay, I was able to get a hold of a Dell Perc 5 / i SAS (Serial Attached SCSI) with 512MB of RAM for a little over $100 and two 72GB 15.2k RPM Cheetah drives from Seagate for ca $125 each.  After waiting for shipping, and being absent last week while traveling in DC, I finally finished installing the hardware and setting up the OS Saturday morning.  I reinstalled my copy of Adobe’s Production Premium and tried a few renders.  The performance is night and day.  I have one project which is a scan of 8mm film in 1080p.  I was able to preview the frame sequence in Premier straight off the disks where a few weeks ago, I would have had to do some prerendering.

Next, I’ll throw a heavy duty After Effects project at it and see what happens:)








IBC – Last Day – Red Scarlett

I first saw this cam at NAB 2008 a few months ago.  Supposedly you are looking at a camera with 3k lines of resolution for $3k!!!

My brother and I currently shoot on his Canon XL-2.  That rig cost more than this thing will.  I watched a demo of the Red integration with Adobe.  Pretty amazing: got me to go back to the Red booth and stare some more.

IBC Red Scarlett

IBC – Day 1 – Adobe Production Premium CS4

{flvremote width = “500” height = “333” autostart = “true” ytloop = “true” loop = “true”}http://sethperkins.com/joomla/images/stories/Amsterdam_Skyline_1.flv{/flvremote}

 After my original writeup from the tradeshow, Creative Cow was told to pull their writeup by Adobe.  I then took mine down.  Creative Cow now has theirs back up, so, I guess I’ll repost my take on CS4.

CS4 is going to be cool.  At first, as I watched the demo, I wasn’t quite sure, but I realized they were building up to the real summit of what is going to be great in CS4.  

1) Broadened use of “Dyanamic Link” – ie, now you can move back and forth between Premiere and After Effects as well as After Effects and FLASH!!!!!

2)  AE and Flash – – this is going to be sick . . . AE layers can be pulled directly into Flash for animation (wow)

3) Speech Transcription  – – Premiere will automatically transcribe spoken works and make video libraries, as well as frames within the videos searchable according to the resultant text!

4) New Effects for AE?  A decent cartoon effect.  With a few clicks, it was actually fairly impressive.

So, there you go.  When I was at IBC, this was one of the things I made sure I attended at Adobe.  This was just a “sneak peak”.  I imagine there will be much more fun behind the new release (not to mention some of the stuff one can find on YouTube surrounding Photoshop CS4).






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