Los Angeles – Almost a Week Now…

The other night, I took my camera and walked around “the Marina”  (Marina Del Rey) and then out to the pier.  Picture a moon above you, warm wind coming at you, waves below, the Pacific.  The pier goes on and on like an arm reaching over the waters.  You reach the end and there’s this circular patio.  You turn around, facing the beach and beyond, the quiet neighborhoods and beyond that: a thousand stars of the city of Los Angeles twinkling.  Stars of Santa Monica, Marina Del Rey, Venice.  Someplace beyond that is Burbank and Hollywood and all those other mythical places.  To your right is the airport, LAX.  There are other stars, larger stars, coming down from the sky toward that place.  Jets coming in bring people to and from the world in which you’ve stepped.

But, now I’m about to fall asleep in a town outside Santa Barbara, and again, I can hear those waves not too far off, rolling.  It’s intoxicating.  I grew up in such a silent place that I know and love, and here my sleep is surrounded with these lush sounds.  To me, it’s otherworldly.



Mirror’s Edge Demo

This isn’t so much a review as some comments.

Happy Holidays, Everyone! : )  I’m home in PA for a few days.  Among other things, I’m enjoying a new PS3 my family got me.  At night, I’m playing the latest in the Silent Hill franchise, and a review will be coming shortly, however, what I wanted to write quick was my thoughts on the Mirror’s Edge demo from the Playstation Store.  Woah woah woah…


Who thought this up?!  I remember listening to an NPR article a year or two ago about the group down in NYC who would run over bridgeworks and up walls, etc.  This game is like an application of just that.  The care the team put into the experience : depth of field and high contrast environments, the rush of wind as you fall, the motion blur as you run.  The gameplay is wild and complex, but it’s so compelling!  I actually feel myself breathing quick at the end of a particularly intense scene (or after I fell to my death).  This game is just beautiful in the same sense as the cinematics to the original Matrix merged with Bladerunner.  It’s just incredible.

It’s on my short list.

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