BMW Films – Star

Got some downtime and was looking for something on YouTube and randomly decided to look for this short film I saw a few years ago.  BMW used to have a site called bmwfilms.  BMWFilms was a project / website / DVD that was used for ads and also as eyecandy for proud BMW owners.  Anyway, the basic premise was Ridley Scott (BladeRunner) produced a series of shorts directed by various names.  Each director received funds and I think five cars to do with with they pleased.  There’s a whole series which you can find on YouTube, but far and away, my favorite in the set was “Star” by Guy Ritchie. 

Here’s the embedded film from YouTube.


Neighborhood Shots – The Burning Tree

The past few weeks, I’ve been trying to go out at night, when the streets are wet, to take photos around my neighborhood (see the “photos” link under the Main Menu).  The past few nights I’ve been particularly anxious to get some shots as the leaves have passed their peak and are falling quick, making some really interesting splashes of color.

I spent last evening with my friends, the Daures, down in Stamford.  When we took a walk, I seriously regretted not bring my tripod as their neighborhood has some interesting turns and windy paths.  Needless to say, when I got home (ca 1:00) I was too psyched to go to sleep.  I grabbed my tripod and walked the neighborhood until 3 or so.  Here are some of the shots I’ve pulled off the cards so far.  More are on the way.

Norwalk, CT - Burning Tree - by Seth Perkins


I haven’t made an entry in a while.  I’ve been busy with work, travel, and, well, some other creative pursuits:)  (a film and a new medium which I’ll get to discussing soon).

Recently, I had the chance to go to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LOCMA).  If you get a chance, it’s definetely worth the time.  Photo was my major area of attraction that day and they had an interesting show called “A Story of Photography”.  They also had pieces from Picasso’s blue period and a few Pollocks which I always enjoy.  Of course, there are a mass of other pieces and artists that I just don’t know and some of you do.  I can’t recount them here, but here’s the link to the museum to see:

I was just a bit too early for the Vanity Fair show, but I hope to get back sometime between here and March to see that as well.

Focusing more locally (New England), my favorite museums thus far have been:

1) The Metropolitan Museum of Art 

2) Yale University Art Gallery

3) Rhode Island School of Design Museum of Art

4) International Center of Photography

5) Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum

6) Wadsworth Atheneum

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